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Sophies's Run 2

"Starting April 14, 2016 from Humber North Tornonto ON, and finishing in Ottawa ON May 16, 2016."

“Every step will make a difference."

For all the details check out the Sophie's Run II website.

Route Itinerary
1April 14Humber NorthArboretum & Rose Garden5-10km
2April 15OffOff
3April 16Humber LakeshorePalais Royale10km
4April 17Palais RoyaleDistillery District 10km
5April 18Distillery DistrictKingston Road 20km
6April 19Pt UnionRouge Valley 20km
7April 20Rouge ValleyLakeridge Hospital 20km
8April 21OshawaBowmanville 20km
9April 22OffOff
10April 23BowmanvillePort Hope20km
11April 24Port HopeCobourg20km
12April 25CobourgColborne20km
13April 26ColborneBrighton15km
14April 27BrightonTrenton20km
15April 28Off
16April 29Trenton Belleville20km
17April 30BellevilleShannonville20km
18May 1Shannonville Napanee20km
19May 2NapaneeOdessa20km
20May 3OdessaKingston General Hospital20km
21May 4OffOff
22May 5KingstonJoyceville 20km
23May 6Joyceville Lyndhurst Rd20km
24May 7Lyndhurst Rd Crosby20km
25May 8CrosbyCamp Otterdale20km
26May 9Camp Otterdale Smith Falls 15km
27May 19OffOff
28May 11Smith Falls Franktown/ Perth St20km
29May 12Perth St Richmond Fair Grounds20km
30May 13RichmondBells Corners15km
31May 14OffOff
32May 15OffOff
33May 16Bells CornersParliament Hill 16km
Run Notes
With every storm, there is sunshine at the end

The Bell
Dear Mom
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